Thursday, 3 March 2011

The Sanguinor vs The Dark Eldar

As special feature for you today, the dark eldar enter the fray, lets see how far our champion can get.  Fair bit of fluff here as I was bored so wanted to give it a bit of a story so beware all you TLDR fans this isn’t short!…

On his trip home to Baal, The Sanguinor, travelling aboard his battle barge from the character battle tournament is suddenly attacked.  Ships spew from space webway gates its none other than a deadly dark eldar fleet.  Disgusted that they were not invited to enter the tournament they begin a large scale onslaught against the champions flagship, many soldiers die on both sides but just when its looking like the marines are finally about to gain the upper hand a hull breach is detected, they have been boarded.

The Sanguinor rushes with his Honour guards to the site of the breach but on the way there he finds himself face to face with Drazhar, lord of the Incubi.  As his Honor guard engage Drazhar’s troops The Sanguinor takes on the master himself, let’s see how good he is those blades afterall.

Drazhar has above average stats for a dark eldar, T4 and S4 WS7 and I7 make it incredibly powerful, it also has a 2+ save and carries demiklaves giving it +2 attacks or +2 strength.  He has Eternal warrior and is fearless.  Wounding rolls of 6 also generate a bonus attack and has preferred enemy.  For some reason though he has no Inv save what so ever.

The Sanguinor vs Drazhar Master of Blades

No shooting here just bloody, brutal combat, in they go attacking at the same time.  Sanguinor scores 7 hits and 7 wounds, cutting deep into Drazhar’s chest, he gets his attacks also however, scoring only 2 hits though even with re-rolls which turn into 2 wounds but are shrugged off by the 3++.  Drazhar drops to the floor and the Sanguinor unscathed continues on.

The Sanguinor charges off, further down the corridor where he see’s a figure stood in the shadows of a door way, the very sight of perfection that any mortal man would drop to their knees and worship for her beauty is unsurpassed.  Lelith Hesperax Leaps forward her movements more like a dance than a charge.

Lelith Hesperax is a fair bit cheaper in points but it seemed rude not to include her here, she has some very powerful skills however and brings to the table a shardnet and impaler which is essentially -1 attack.  A 3++ saving through equal to that of the Sanguinor as well as power weapons.  In addition she gets an extra attack for every point over the WS of her opponent she is, so in this case that’s +1.

The Sanguinor vs Lelith Hasperax

Again none of that shooting nonsense, Lelith goes first and gets 4 hits, this only turns into 1 wound however with Lelith’s greatest disadvantage, s3 causing her problems.  The Sanguinor passes the save and makes his own attacks, scoring 6 hits and 6 wounds after re-rolls.  Lelith performs some incredible dodges however 3 are failed. 

Lelith winces in pain before backflipping behind the Sanguinor and quickly limping away towards the sounds of battle nearer to the location of the breach.  The Sanguinor attempts to chase after her but with his wings limited in the tight spaces of the ships interior, she gets away, he continues towards the battle ahead.  Suddenly it goes eerily quiet, when out of no-where pounces a monster so ugly to rival the lords of nurgle, it is none other than Urien Rakarth. 

Urien is fairly good alone but mostly his points are used in buffing other units, he has gnarlskin (6+sv), casket of flensing(2d6 attacks at d6 strength and d6 ap), clone field(nullify d3 hits per turn) and an icho gauntlet (3+ poisoned attacks).  Each turn he stays alive he can regen 1 wound and has feel no pain, not that its any use here. 

The Sanguinor vs Urien Rakarth

Urien has some shooting here, he unleashes his casket scoring 9 attacks at s4 ap2, it’s a fantastic roll for him to begin with.  He gets 7 hits and 3 wounds, however The Sanguinor stands firm his 3++ shining like a lame twilight vampire.  Onto combat then and the Sanguinor gets 7 hits, 1 is negated however by a d3 roll of 2 meaning 6 hits that turn into 6 wounds after all re-rolls are done.  With only 3 wounds its twice what is needed giving The Sanguinor yet another flawless victory.

Urien slumps to the floor and The Sanguinor walks away towards the breach which is now just through the next door way, in the background Urien appearing mortally wounded injects himself with some kind of gloop giving him enough strength to skulk away into the darkness.

As the bulkhead opens into the large cargo bay bodies lay strewn all around, battle damage is clear with even 3 Furioso Dreadnoughts lying in pieces on the floor ahead.  One thing is clear though the cause of the devastation stands tall right beside a storm raven, using its hull to prop a fallen Sanguinary guard against as he skins the head of the former elite soldier.

Vect the leader of the deldar is very impressive a character, I8 as well as ws8 means he’s hitting you fast and usually on 3’s, however its 4’s all round here.  He has a 4+ sv and shadow field granting him a 2++ until 1 wound is scored.  He is fearless and has preferred enemy.  Shooting he has a splinter pistol (4+ wound) and a s10 ap3 blast from his orbs rolled against ld. 

He has a power weapon that always hits on 3’s.  The surprise really is the complete lack of Eternal warrior, true none of the characters in the book seem to have it but you would think someone like vect would at his points cost and given that he’s only T3 so gets ID very easily.  

The Sanguinor vs Asdrubael Vect

Vect uses his orbs, they hit but don’t wound.  Onto combat then with Vect going first, he scores 6 hits with re-rolls and then 4 wounds, 1 is failed putting the Sanguinor on 2 wounds.  Sanguinor hits back only needing to get 1 wound through to finish this in one round.  He hits 6 times with re-rolls then rolls 6 wounds with re-rolls.  Vect's saves go as follows – 2, 5, 5, 4, 1.  At which point it ends and he is dead from the s6 instant kill, head cleaved clean off to the shock of some remaining watching wyches and warriors.

The remaining attackers with their leaders now defeated flee back to their ships and disappear quickly into the webway and again space is as quiet as it was before.  The Sanguinor has proven that nothing in the new codex can really touch him, maybe he will find a more worthy challenger in ranks of the Grey knights….

As always feel free to post if you noticed any errors, not really looked at the deldar codex before so some mistakes may have crept in.  All battles are random and rolled with real die so anything can and usually does happen.

For the Glory of the Chapter and Sanguinius