Sunday, 20 March 2011

Blood Angels Terminator Finished!

First of all apologies for the long time since my last post, life and work have been a bit hectic and not much painting has got done lately, however as I have had some free time today, here is my first attempt at a Thunder hammer + Storm Shield Terminator.
This one went through quite a few different painting stages as I'm not used to painting models this big, given that the biggest I have ever painted is a standard marine or a tank.  I tried to get a kind of glow going on the storm shield so it looks more like something that would give a 3++ and block lascannon blasts and not just a lump of steel like most of them do, how did it turn out we'll I will let you be the judge, I think it needs work still and am open to suggestions for the next one.

The Thunder Hammer I was also unsure on and tempted to try and paint up it some lightning but there is already a fair bit of detail on it and its not flat, making it a bit of a bitch to try and paint a blue lightning bolt up, maybe another time, if anyone has seen it done successfully please let me know I would love the inspiration.

In the background there you can see the Blood Angels LRC that i want to get done after the terminators are finished

Generally quite happy with how it came out, again if anyone has any feedback, especially on the shield glow I tried to do and if anyone has ever seen something similar on a thunder hammer let me know!


  1. Looking good there Dalinair.

    Very cleanly done with highlights and such in all the right places.

    Part of this may be the camera/lighting, but it looks like he'd benefit greatly from one more brighter but less extensive edge/corner highlight. Just a little bit brighter on the corners of the shoulderpads, very corners/edges of some of the helmet ridges, etc. will go a long way toward making all of the hard work you've already put in have that final extra "pop" that wow's you. This goes for some of the detail parts as well, but don't overstretch yourself and undo all the great work that's been put in!

    As far as the shield glow goes, were you looking more to have it blend to bright radially or as more of a corner highlight? If the latter, another extreme corner highlight on a couple of the edges would do it for you, otherwise its on to some serious blending from that deep blue/purple out to the light blue.

  2. Thanks for the comments, the camera does seem to kill many of the highlights, I need to start trying different ways to taking the photo as the flash is killing alot of the details, in my opinion it does look better in real life. I did consider a further highlight but because of this im not sure but i think it might be too much.

    The shield i guess I just wanted to look like it was glowing around the edges, I searched far and wide for pics someone else may have done for inspiration but couldn't really find any, only thing that came up was stuff like glowing eyes which appeared to just be some dark to light blend, believe it or not thats actually what I tried to do here, I just suck at pulling it off :)