Tuesday, 29 March 2011

The Sanguinor vs Mordrak!

Another Character Battle for you here, The Sanguinor today takes on another of the Grey Knight new boys, Mordrak (sounds more like a bad guy from lord of the rings or bad 80's cartoons to me).  

So we all know about the Sanguinor but what out our contender, well as with most of the Grey Knight HQ’s he comes with terminator armour combined with a 4++ from an iron halo.  In addition to this Mordrak can take bodyguard terminators, in this case 2 of them to put him on around the same points as the Sanguinor.  He also has an interesting rule that if Mordrak takes a wound another ghost terminator appears on a roll of a d3 if the result is equal or over his wounds, so happening more the weaker he gets essentially.

Mordrak also has hammerhand like nearly everything else in the codex which really isn’t much use to him having a Thunderhammer.  Mordrak unfortunately has no model so no street fighter vs picture today sadly.

The Sanguinor vs Mordrak + Pals

Shooting Phase

Onto the battle then and with no shooting from the Sanguinor we just have 3 storm bolters, 5 hit and 2 wound however both are saved.

Combat round 1

The Sanguinor goes first and hits 6 times, he then wounds 6 times, and that puts 2 wounds on each of the 3 models.  The ghost terminators fail 3 saves between them and die.  Mordrak roll 2 dice but it’s a poor result and he takes 2 wounds.  Hitting back he lands 5 attacks, hitting with every one, it’s a good start.  In wounding he lands 4 wounds, 2 are failed leaving the Sanguinor on 1 wound.  Fearless wound is saved.

Mordrak summons no further ghosts this round with a roll of 1.

Combat round 2

The Sanguinor this time hits 4 times and wounds 4 times, 3 are saved leaving Mordrak on 1 wound also.  He hits back but this time his rolling fails him only scoring 1 hit, it of course wounds but is saved.

Mordrak summons 1 guard back

Combat round 3

Round 3 and 3 hits are scored by the Sanguinor this time which also become 3 wounds……… all are saved!  Hammer hand is passed for the ghost giving him s5, he hits once and wounds once but it’s saved.  Mordrak now going for the win scores 4 hits and 4 wounds, it’s a valiant effort but the Sanguinor fails one and dies.

Mordrak’s iron halo is a hero today (that and a bodyguard of terminators always helps) and he wins the fight, standing over the body of the Sanguinor doing some major jazz hands at the victory his chapter leader could not achieve, it was close in the end with him down to 1 wound for sure. 

Sadly for Mordrak I don’t think he would be a very good character in the character tournament, too many of the other contestants have s8 or instant death weaponry and he does not have eternal warrior however he is a very fun character in his own right and I think you could make some nice deathstars with his unit.

 Cheese for the cheese god