Tuesday, 22 March 2011

The Sanguinor takes on Draigo

So I recently got my hands on a copy of the Grey Knights codex and after I finished whimpering in a corner about the sheer cheesy beardy bentness of it all I decided to put our champion the Sanguinor up against the Grey Knights big expensive Lord, Kaldor Draigo.

Draigo's basic wargear is a force weapon (that strikes daemons and psykers at s10) and he has terminator armour with a stormshield.  His psychic powers are +1 strength from Hammerhand a s5 ap- flamer (thats also for killing daemons) and his last power affects reserves so does not help here.  He has a decent stat line but nothing overly mephiston like.  He seems extremely deadly towards psykers and daemons but only average against anything else.

Onto the action then, Both charge at once, Sanguinor getting +1 bonus attack for wings, FYI Draigo Passed his test to have Hammerhand every round.

Draigo shoots his bolter, hits and wounds but its saved, Sanguinor with no shooting goes straight into combat, hitting first at I7.  He hits 6 times and wounds 6 times with the help of re-rolls.  Draigo makes 5 saves taking 1 wound.  He hits back with 2 hits and 1 wound, which is failed so they tie combat failing 1 each.

Next round Sanguinor hits 5 times and wounds 3 times, but the storm shield holds out and saves all wounds.  Draigo hits once and wounds but its saved.

Round 3 Sanguinor hits 5 times and wounds 3 times, however this time 2 are failed, leaving Draigo on 1 wound.  He hits back getting 1 hit and 1 wound which is failed leaving the Sanguinor also on 1 wound.  Draigo passes his save for losing combat.

Round 4 Sanguinor hits 5 times and wounds 3 times, all are saved.  Draigo hits and wounds twice but both are saved, its turning to the battle of the 3++ saves.

Round 5 Sanguinor hits 3 times and wounds twice, its just enough with 1 fail killing Draigo before he can strike back.

So its over and the Sanguinor wins again though its close in the end, to be fair to him he should have won it solidly long ago with his re-rolls and extra attack over Draigo who's hitting was what let him down for the most part.  Though I haven't seen any of the other characters really in the book, if anyone wants to see any of them specifically fight the Sanguinor just let me know!


  1. Wow, great play-by-play! I'd love to see more of these.

    How about Sanguinor vs. Dreadknight?

  2. If you read back through the blog there is lots of these battles I did a full 2 leagues of them :) glad you enjoyed it though!

    I generally only do characters vs characters but could certainly give him a shot versus a dreadknight at some point though I think his power comes from his ability to re-roll against an enemy HQ so he might not do so well!

  3. Um Draigo's Titan sword gives him 2 extra powers which you roll for on a list. Potentially giving him +3 Strength and +3 Attacks. That considered I think he'd probably win. Rematch?

  4. The titan sword has the special rule "Daemonbane (see page 54)" not that its a daemonblade which is completely different so he doesnt get to roll on the daemonblade chart.

    Daemonbane forces any daemon or psyker to take a LD test if they take a wound, fail it and they die. Which would'nt affect the Sanguinor.

  5. My bad, sorry. Misread it. Did you do any of these with Dante?

  6. Dante got an outing in the tournament that was before this but unfortunately went out in the first round after he drew one of the big necron lords and sadly wasnt strong enough to beat him.

    Dante isnt a very good character in my opinion for this type of fight and really I would only even ever take him in an army list if I was doing a sang guard list to make them troops or at a long shot a DOA list where I felt like being sure my deep strike would not fail.

  7. have him fight mordrak, because every time the sanguinor wounds mordrak a nice little ghost knight pops up tofight next to him

  8. Wow... that helps me feel a little less geeky...