Thursday, 10 March 2011

Flamer assault marine stage by stage

So this is the step by step process of how I paint my marines, featuring bob, the flamer assault marine.  The process took a few hours and is of course by no means anything more than glorified tabletop quality but I like to think looks decent enough even though its not quite as good as most of the other models I have done recently, I hope im not getting worse, probably just lazy.
To begin then I start with an undercoat of Army painter pure red which I find is nearly exactly the same as games workshop blood red paint.  I also have some dragon red but I think its too dark for blood angels personally, especially when using washes.

In one of my squads I use 3 flamer guys so decided to paint both mostly at the same time, left one first.  Once the spray has been finished I do the rough detail, such as black on the gun, bits of deneb stone on the skulls/purity seals, eyes etc and of course the helmet.

Once this is complete its wash time, I have tried devlan mud, its too well muddy, no-one wants a brown blood angel.  Allot of people also use Baal red but I don't think its quite dark enough, even if you pile loads on into all the gaps, as such I use standard good old Badab Black, it gets nicely into the gaps and shades nicely.  

With it being so dark however it does discolour the red sections that you might not want shading on, so after doing this you need to go over the messy bits with some Blood red to tidy the model up (or some Iyanden Darksun on the helmet).

I now finished off the base, did some detail on the flamer, bit of bronze on the end and some wash to make the far end look dirty and scorched.

And finally some grass on the base and a bit of an orange highlight with Blazing Orange.

This is finished model

All my Blood Angels so far

Hope you enjoyed the process I used, any feedback is welcome on that or the end result.  Again im not 100% happy with the photo's I really need a light box or something as im convinced it looks better in reality.


  1. Hey, these are really nice BAs! One thing that bothers me is that mouldline on the helmet and maybe a personal taste but I would rather paint the gravel on my bases.

  2. Thats a good point cheers for reminding me i'll have to shave that off next time it does look a bit silly and obvious on this model.

    Bases are my nemesis, i hate them, cant get along with them at all so went with the basic bit of sand and grass look, its rubbish but its better than unbased which is what they would be if i had to paint them :) thanks for the feedback!

  3. You know what they say, practice makes perfect! Bases are fine as they are, it really is a great thing to finish them anyways, I know a lot of people that don't. It is definitely a must for a nice unique finish!