Wednesday, 2 February 2011

40k Battle, Fateweaver vs Ghazghkull Thraka

Onto the Elites, Characters over 220 points!
Round 1 of the elties and we have the Nightbringer vs Dante.

Unfortunately this one is a forgone conclusion, Dante cant win it because he cant actually hurt the Nightbringer with it having T8 and him only having a poor S4, he doesn’t even have furious charge so couldn’t even hope for 1 ultra lucky charge round.  As such there is really no point in working out this battle, so Dante is defeated.

Due to this we move onto battle 2 which is

The Deceiver vs Typhus

Again, unfortunately with only a poor s4, typhus cant hurt the Deceiver, it simply kills him without answer, his flamer can hurt The deceiver but not take enough wounds off it.  The second of the necron gods goes through to the next round unscated.

Battle 3 and hoping for some actual action we have The Fateweaver  vs Ghazghkull Thraka

With finally 2 characters that can actually hurt each other, we see our first actual fight of the day.  Fateweaver has some nice magic and for the sake of this tournament will essentially reroll any failed saves, dying automatically if he loses a wound (after a failed ld test), he can cast blob on you (toughness test to kill you) fire a melta, or roll a 4+ to wound with no armour saves, so it will fire all 3 of these shots before engaging in combat when on the charge.  Thraka has no special shooting (heavy bolter essentially) but will be allowed his waaagh on the turn he charges.

Fateweaver Charge

Shooting the melta equivalent first, he hits, wounds and the inv save is failed.  Now for the flamer, auto hits, wounds, save is failed and finally the toughness test is passed.  He goes into combat with Ghaz on 2 wounds, Fateweaver first then,  getting 4 attacks on the charge (+1 for being jump infantry) he hits 4 times and wounds twice,  1 is saved 1 is not leaving him on 1 wound.  Hits back Ghaz gets 5 attacks, he hits with 3 and wounds with 3 but all 3 are saved. 

Second round Fateweaver has 2 attacks, both miss, Ghaz in return hits 5 times, wounds 5 times, Fateweaver then saves 4 wounds, taking one.  His LD test is then passed, he then saves his fearless wound.

Third round he hits once and wounds once, the save is failed and Ghaz dies.

Ghazghkull Charge

Shooting we get 1 hit and no wounds (surprise surprise), Ghaz gets a nice 7 attacks on the charge, Fateweaver of course goes first however, 2 hits, 2 wounds, 2 saves from Ghaz.  Ghaz then hits back, he scores a great 7 hits and 6 wounds! He then fails 3 saves and dies.

Both Charge

Beginning with the Fateweaver, he fails his blob attempt, his melta type shot hits and wounds but it saved and his flamer attack also wounds but is again saved.  Ghaz’s shooting rolls triple snake eyes to hit and they go to combat.  Fateweaver rolls 3 hits and 2 wounds, both are saved, Ghaz then rolls 5 hits but only 2 wounds, 1 is failed but the LD test is passed, the following fearless armour test is also passed.

Round 2 and Fateweaver hits and wounds twice, however both are saved yet again by Ghaz, he then hits back 4 times and wounds twice, 1 is failed and the resulting LD and fearless armour save tests are both also passed.

Round 3 Fateweaver rolls 2 hits and 1 wound, it hits its mark taking Ghaz down to 3 but its too little too late but the looks of it however with a return of 2 hits from Ghaz and only 1 wound......... its just enough and Fateweaver rolls a 1 to end the battle.  The ork warlord goes through to the next round.

So did Fateweaver see this coming? Clearly! there was some bigger ploy at hand surely! Obviously he meant to loose! ;) Either way in this case it IS easy being green and it’s a massive bucket of Kentucky Fried Fateweaver for supper tonight!

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  1. I think that you have to redo the Deceiver vs Typhus battle. Typhus has a poison weapon. Although there is a wide difference in points between the two, Typhus is one of the few that may pull it off against the C'tan.