Thursday, 3 February 2011

Blood Angels Melta Gun guy done!

So Finally another Blood Angel emerges painted, sure its nothing special but I'm fairly happy with it so far, it joins my priest and Sarge in whats probably the most painting I have ever done, those of you that have no tolerance for average painting should leave now, you have been warned!....

And here we have it, realised after taking the pics I forgot to paint the brown ring around the base but I'll do that once the sand is dry.  Personally I think the shading on this model was better than how the pictures came out without the flash they look too dark and basic painted, with it they look too bright and like they are entirely orange which is really not the case its only a slight edging to the shoulders and raised areas that are orange.  But go figure, photography isn't my strong point.

Here's the fella with his detachable magnetised Jump Pack off.

And another one this time closer and with the flash on

This time with the Jump pack on, gun here looks black which is annoying as its clearly silver/metallic in reality.

And these 2 show him with the flash on and off with the Sarge i painted previously.

As always, open to any painting/photography tips or just feedback you may have! Again, steps on how i did these models if you want to know and to see my priest then just go HERE.  Thanks for looking.