Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Marneus Calgar vs Ghazghkull Thraka

So Today we have for you the leader of the Ultramarines vs the Leader of the Orks, a true 'Games Workshop' Poster boys fight, good vs evil, blue vs green.  A battle of these armies is played out on many a GW store board across the world on a daily bases, many people starting with one of these two armies.  The leaders of which we don't see very often, so here they are, lets see once and for all who is the best.

In the Blue corner Calgar has your standard Chapter master stats, 2+/4++ as well has his s4 ap2 2 shot gun and dual power fists that re-roll wounds.  In the green corner Ghaz has a power claw, 2+/5++ (2++ when he charges as well as +2 extra attacks) and your standard ork warboss stats.

Calgar vs Thraka

Calgar Charge

Calgar shoots, it hits but does not wound on either shot so into combat they go both striking at the same time.  Calgar gets 1 hit after some extremely poor rolling, I think he needs to invest in some re-rolling of hits nevermind wounds.  The 1 wound however makes it mark, putting Ghaz down to 3 wounds.  In reply Ghaz hits 3 times, following up with 3 wounds, 2 are saved and 1 is failed, luckily for Calgar he has EW or he would be a stain on the floor.  Tie combat.

Next round Calgar gets 3 hits this time, which turn into 3 wounds, 2 are failed, leaving Ghaz on 1 wound.  Ghaz’s attacks hit twice and wound twice, taking 2 wounds off Calgar after saves,  Tie combat again with them both on 1 wound.

Round 3, Calgar hits only once again, could some poor dice be his un-doing? Luckily it wounds and Ghaz is killed however he does also get his attacks, hitting 3 times, wounding once and the save is failed, they both get back up for another go at it.

Round 4 and with a 4++ Calgar must have the edge here, he hits this time twice, wounds twice and kills Ghaz, in reply we see 3 hits, 2 wounds and as predicted, 2 saves from the 4++ so Calgar wins.

Ghaz Charge

Ghaz shoots and hits 3 times (first time too, not bad for an ork!) then wounds 3 times, Calgar fails 1 save taking a wound.  Into combat Ghaz hits 5 times and wounds 5 times but Calgar’s inv save stays resolute and he only takes 1 wound.  In reply he hits twice and wounds twice, however both are saved by the ork boss and his waaaagh save.  Ld test is passed.

Next round Ghaz hits 3 times and wounds 3 times, taking a wound from Calgar.  Calgar hits twice and wounds twice, taking 2 wounds from Ghaz.  Ld tests are passed and the round ends with Ghaz on 2 and Calgar on 1.

Round 3 Ghaz hits only once but it also wounds and the save is failed so Calgar lies dead, he gets his hits back however and hits twice, wounds twice but 1 is saved so Ghaz takes this round.

Final round both charge.

Calgar’s shooting hits and wounds twice, taking 1 wound from the ork lord who’s own shooting hits and wounds only once which is saved.  Into combat Calgar hits and wounds 3 times, taking 2 wounds from Ghaz leaving him on 1 wound.  Ghaz hits 5 times, wounds 4 times, taking 3 wounds off Calgar, leaving him also on 1 wound.

Next round Calgar hits 3 times and wounds 3 times, killing Ghaz, however his own hits land 3 hits and 3 wounds, its all down the Calgar’s inv save…… all 3 hits are saved with a set of 5’s.  Calgar wins the battle, as if it was an epic movie where the good guys always triumph in the end, this also happened here, the poster boy goes through to the next stage.


  1. You've got Ghazkull's rules wrong. He can call his Waaagh!!! at anytime, meaning that even when he is charged, he would get his 2++ for the first two rounds of combat

  2. Seems you were the only one that noticed out of the hundred odd people who apparently looked at this post lol, thanks for letting me know, unfortunately a bit late but but will be sure to give them a re-match at some point in the future.

  3. This is completely wrong. Gahz would have a 2++ for both of their first turns. (including the shooting and the assault.) Ghaz wins everyone of these scenarios..... easily.

  4. ha ha very funny,good example of the rule tho for novices

  5. Ghazghkull gets a 2++ for a full turn meaning he'd have saved most of the original woundings