Thursday, 24 February 2011

40k Battle report, BA+Tau vs Orks + Eldar

In a break from our scheduled program.....4 Races, 2v2, People of the interwebs!, this is my first actual battle report….

First of all sorry about no pics of the battle, there will be some next time.  The races…

First up we have the Tau, 1750 each  who are teaming with my Blood Angels, their force roughly consists of –

Crysis suit commander and bodyguard
3 sets of 2 man squads of crisis suits with a shield drone
2 Large squads of Kroot with hounds
Path finders, devilfish
A small squad of firewarriors
2 x 2 railguns with 2 shield drones each

Blood Angles army (mine) is – 

2 Jump Librarians with shield and fear
2 Jump priests
6 man death company with lemartes
Death company dread
Storm raven
2 10 man Assault squad one with flamers and one with meltas
2 x 5 man missile launcher dev squads

This is up against orks and eldar, orks consisting of –

30 boyz squad
Deff dread
10 ardboys with nob in a trukk
6 meganobs in a trukk
Looted tank with battle cannon
10 man commando squad
Squad of 5 deffkoptors with buzz saws and the s8 ap2 weapon

And finally the Eldar have –

1 dire avengers squad
1 pathfinders squad
Warwalkers x3 with the 4 shot gun and bright lances
1 squad of dark reapers
1 wraithlord
1 10 man squad of wraith guard

So those are the sides, we rolled objectives and placed 5, 3 were on our side and 2 on the other side of the table with spearhead deployment.  We rolled off and won, opting to go first deploying all the railguns, crisis commander and 2 dev squads.

Orks and eldar (perhapsh foolishly?) deployed everything and failed to seize.  Kommandos infiltrate right in front of us and koptors scout forward.

Turn 1 (BA/TAU)

Nothing on our side moves, 8 missles only kill 2 koptors and the railguns blow a weapon off a trukk with nobs in it and explode the looted tank.

Turn 1 (Ork+Eldar)

Koptors move forward and shoot at some railguns but don’t wound.  Trukks move forward.  Eldar shoot with everything at the railguns on the right side but somehow fail to kill them.  Pathfinders kill a few tau pathfinders and pin them.

Turn 2 (BA/TAU)

Missiles kill 1 more koptor and other squad kills nothing after some saves.  Railguns wipe out a trukk and the deff dread.  2 squads of blood angels jump in and 1 flames and kills the eldar pathfinders, the other melta’s the other trukk.

Turn 2 (Ork/Eldar)

Orks charge railguns on the left and kill a done, making them run off the board, eldar finish off the railguns on the right side leaving none left.  Orks from the trukk were mostly killed by the explosion but what’s left and the komando’s charge my blood angel squad that blew up their ride.  In the following combat most of the orks are killed, nobs manage to kill 4 blood angels but they loose combat, both squads below 50 unable to rally run off towards the edge of the board.

Turn 3 (BA/TAU)

Storm raven flies, Some crisis suits come in and shoot at the mega nobs making them run, Melta blood angels move back onto the middle objective, other squad moves forward and attempts to kill the koptors so theres now only 1 left.  It passes its morale test so librarian fear of darkess’s it and it fails and heads off towards the other side of the board unable to rally.  Missiles do nothing again.

Turn 3 (Ork/Eldar)

Wraith guard shoot the storm raven but only stun it, warwalkers also shoot it with everything they have but fail to cause any damage, shaking it twice.  Mega nobs continue to run, ghaz moves forward towards the marines on the left side.

Turn 4 (BA/TAU)

Avatar is killed and the tau come on from the side, unfortunately it’s the wrong side and all the can do is shoot ghaz, they take 2 wounds off him however.  Marines charge him after that, killing him without taking a wound thanks to I5.  Missiles kill the farseer which the death company and death company dread leave the storm raven and charge then kill the wraith guard squad without taking a casualty.

Turn 4 (Ork/Eldar)

Nobs rally and start moving back towards the death company dread who had to move towards them, they charge and kill it but loose a couple of nobs in the process.  Wraithlord kills a crisis team, rest of their shooting does not do anything.

Turn 5 (BA/TAU)

Death Company run off after the fleeing orks they will never catch.  Kroot move to join BA squad on left objective while other kroot squad moves up the board a bit.  Missles thin out the 30 boyz squad on the far left objective.  Crisis suits kill a few dark reapers and dire avengers while a war walker is killed by blood strike missiles.  Remaining meganob runs again this time unable to rally.

Turn 5 (Ork/Eldar)

Eldar shooting wipes out a crisis team then takes 1 down from another squad, orks shoot the kroot, killing a few.

Game goes onto turn 6

Turn 6 (BA/TAU)

Storm raven lascannons the running mega nob for shits and giggles.  Most of the dark reapers are killed leaving the exarch. Dire avengers are killed and the remaining 20 or so orks on the other side are wiped out in a barrage of 8 frag missles.  Tau move up onto the objective there.

Turn 6 (Ork/Eldar)

The few remaining eldar fail to do anything and the game ends here with 4 objectives to 0.

So again this was my first battle report of a battle that has been my first game for over 3 months, it was a bit of a slaughter but good fun for all round.  Any feedback you may have on the format of this report please let me know so I can take it onboard before the next game!