Monday, 14 February 2011

So I finally finished my first generic marine..

Yes it is indeed true, I have finally finished my first ever generic marine.  For me this is quite a milestone, I'm fairly average at painting and one of the drawbacks of that is I dont like to paint very often and when I do I like to paint things that are unique....

So this random painting does tend to take the form of sargent's, priests, special weapons guys and things like zoanthropes and hive guard of which i only have 1 of.  This is my favourite type of painting but I also dabble with a bit of single unit painting to try new armies, stuff like a lone gaunt, guardsman, bloodletter and necron have all been done.

Ok you might be thinking, "hey! why are you wasting my time with random boring marines, there's nothing special about this guys and the painting sucks I want the last 2 mins of my life back!" and well that's fair but I also find that this blog is very motivational for getting me to get these basic marines done and when my list has about 30 generic dudes in it, that important (yeah its no ork horde but its alot for me).  Apologies if you came here looking for character battles and have no interest in painting!

And we end with an semi action shot againt my nids I mentioned earlier.  Get the feeling a display board is in order here as the metal case they all live in isnt the best backdrop, anyway if you got this far thanks for looking :)