Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Njal the Stormcaller vs The Sanguinor

Todays battle is against the wolf lord Njal Stormcaller and Blood Angels lord The Sanguinor.  With them being the same points value, this should be interesting.

Njal is very powerful in his own right, so he essentially has all the psychic powers in the puppy codex and can cast 2 a turn, in addition he gets counter attack like most wolves plus terminator armour + a 4++ save.  He also has a bird that does D3 S3 hits at I5 in combat.  Checking on the wargear and knowing nothing about space puppies he apparently has a runic blade, having no idea what this was I couldn’t find it in the wargear section anywhere, apparently though it’s a sort of force weapon that has a built in psychic hood that nullifies powers on a 4+ (correct me if im wrong).  Though he can cast 2 powers a turn, it doesn’t seem that its much use as they are all shooting abilities.

The Sanguinor puts most of his points into buffing others units which wont help him here, still he has EW and a 3++ not to mention re-rolls against another IC which is good in this scenario.

Njal vs Sanguinor

Njal Charge

So I have a wealth of abilities to fire here, I have decided that I’ll go for Hurricane which does 3d6 s3 hits ap-, this seems a decent way to trying to ‘lasgun’ the Sanguinor down, so long as I don’t roll 3 1’s it shoud at least take a wound.  Its either this or wolf spirits I think as his I is just too high for jaws and id be relient on a cheeky 6.  So rolling then we score a total of 11, this turns into 5 wounds with some nice lucky rolling and that turns into 2 wounds off the Sanguinor! Leaving him on 1 wound. 

Into combat then and the Sanguinor goes first with 5 attacks, he gets 5 hits and 5 wounds after re-rolls, on saves Njal saves 3 of them taking 2 wounds, to my shock he actually only has 2 wounds, typo? Surely, this is madness for 275 points he only has 2 wounds im shocked! (just for the laugh I did a D6 roll to see what would have happened if I did jaws instead, it failed).

Sanguinor Charge

Surely after that first round theres no way Njal can survive a Sanguinor charge but we will see, with no shooting he goes into combat getting 7 hits (if you have not kept up with the tournament so far, I give a bonus attack to units with greater movement/charge values) and then 7 wounds after re-rolls, the saves do a good job saving 5 of the attacks but again 2 get through and this is all over.

So the Sanguinor goes through to the next round to face ku’gath.

As always if I missed something (which has happened a fair bit lately as I start playing games with codex’s I don’t know too well) please let me know, im doing this as much a learning experience for all the codexes as for entertainment value!