Friday, 11 February 2011

Logan Grimnar Vs Marneus Calgar

For your reading pleasure today I bring you Logan Grimnar Vs Marneus Calgar.  Two big daddy's of their respective chapters, this is a battle of some very high point hard hitting powerhouses.

Starting with Logan then, he has some decent special rules, standard stuff like counter attack and eternal warrior + stubborn.  In addition he has the ability to give himself preferred enemy at the start of every turn.  He also has the ability to use either a frost blade or his axe 2h as a power fist. 

He also has some random wolf crap which took me ages to look up but essentially gives him a 4++ and always hits on 3's (don't get me started on how cheesy that is) oh and terminator armour.

Onto papa smurf then and he's around the same points but just under, with some similar stats and EW etc.  Marneus also has a 4++ and terminator armour plus can re-roll to wound in close combat but not to hit which is where he needs it.   He does however have a nice gun thats s4 ap2 assault 2 and wields dual power fists.

Logan vs Marneus

Logan Charge

Logan begins with his storm bolter, getting 2 hits and 2 wounds, both are saved however.  Into combat they go and im going to start with normal frost blade attacks in an attempt to go first and get this over with quick/score some early wounds, plus 3's to hit 3's to wound isnt bad anyway.  So he hits 4 times and wounds 3 times (with re-rolls included) Marneus makes 2 saves and takes a wound putting him on 3.  He hits back but only gets 1 hit, it also wounds and the save is failed meaning they tie combat marneus on 3 and Logan on 2 wounds.

Next round Logan hits first again with his frost blade attacks getting 4 hits and 2 wounds, 1 is saved putting Marneus on 2 wounds.  Hits back he scores 3 hits and 3 wounds, 2 are failed and Logan is dead, first round goes to Marneus.

Calgar Charge

Shooting he gets 2 hits, 2 wounds but both are saved by Logan's belt.  Logan this time im going to try his power fist with, he goes at the same time and gets 4 hits and luckily i chose the fist as he rolls 4 2's which would have been 0 wounds otherwise.  4++ is feeling lucky for Marneus however and he only takes 1 wound from these.  His hits back see 3 hits and 3 wounds, 1 is failed.  End of the first round and its 3 wounds left for Marneus and 2 for Logan, tie combat.

Next round logan goes frost blade type attacks again getting 4 hits and 4 wounds, but again only 1 is failed, Marneus's inv save is keeping him in this.  His his back see 4 hits and 4 wounds, killing Logan.

So this one came down to the battle of the lucky 4++ rolls it seems in the end, Logan could have finished this one but the halo was mightier than the belt this time.

As also if you noticed any glaring mistakes please let me know, these things do happen from time to time :)

On a side note does anyone know the best way to glue "windows" on models? since they are best painted before being inserted plastic glue doesnt seem a very good was as it wont glue onto paint but superglue mists the windows, any ideas? I already have a misted front window on my storm raven which is annoying after spending an hour painting the pilot!


  1. Use PVA for sticking clear plastic into models, and obviously do it last.

  2. Appearantly it didn't matter, cause Logan lost anyway, but Calgar does have a power weapon aswell, which he could have used to strike at the same time as Logan with the frost axe. And with his re-roll to wound it would have had the same results as Logans + 1 Str (I think a little better actually). Also, Logan has an ability that allows him and any friendly unit within 12(maybe 18)" to get + 1 Atk. So, ideally, on a charge he would use that, and be at a total at 7 Atks. I think the main thing to consider in those combat is the extra wound that Calgar has. These 2 are extremely evenly matched and can exchange blow for blow pretty evenly, but Logan appearantly just gives out before Calgar. Old age i suppose.