Monday, 7 February 2011

Skarbrand vs Mephiston

Today’s Elite showcase we have for you one of what I personally think could be the best of the matches so far, Skarbrand the named Bloodthirster and Mephiston the mighty psyker of the Blood Angles, can he bring the beast down or will it be too much for the Angels lord.

Skarbrand vs Mephiston

Skarbrand Charge

Skarbrand has the breath attack thing flamers have so begins with that, it wounds and puts Mephiston down to 4 wounds.  Into the charge and Mephiston goes first, casting sanguine sword successfully, he then attacks with 5 attacks, with re-rolls ending up with 4 hits, those turn into 4 wounds, 2 of which are failed, bringing Skarbrand down to 2 wounds.  Hitting back Skarbrand has 8 attacks with his flying bonus, he hits 6 times with re-rolls but only wounds 3 times, putting Mephiston on 1 wound.  The following ld test is passed.

The following turn Meph hits 3 times then wounds 3 times, Skarbrand makes all his saves and hits back with 4 hits, which turn into 4 wounds, killing Mephiston.

Mephiston Charge

Mephiston casts wings to get his +1 attack and then his s10 power, a plasma pistol shot hits and wounds but the inv save is passed.  Onto combat and Meph hits 5 times and wounds 5 times, in saves 4 are failed dropping Skarbrand in one fell swoop.

So this is it the final round, both charge.

Beginning with Skarbrand and his breath attack, it misses.  Meph’s casts his powers then the plasma shot hits, wounds and the save is failed, putting Skarbrand on 3 wounds.  Onto combat and Meph rolls 6 hits and 6 wounds, 2 are failed leaving Skarbrand on 1 wound however with 4 6’s he stays alive to hit back.  Skarbrand then must have this in the bag however he hits only once first time around when rolling 8 attacks! re-rolls bring a further 3 hits only, he then wounds 4 times, putting them both on 1 wound going into the last round.

Mephiston now hits 4 times and wounds 3 times, once saves are done Skarbrand lies dead, it’s extremely close and could be said Skarbrand should have won if not for some extremely bad luck on the dice, I personally think re-rolled Scarbrand could take this but its not to be, Mephiston scrapes through to the next round.