Friday, 4 February 2011

Ku'gath vs Tugurius fight to the death for your pleasure!

Today’s Elite matchups show the Chaos Daemon Ku’Gath vs Smurf Chief Librarian Tugurius.

Have to be honest here I know nothing at all of either of these characters, never used either of them or barely used either of their codex’s.  On top of that I don’t think I have ever seen a list with them in online or a battle rep with them being used, so either they both suck, or just aren’t good for lists I don’t know.

Ku’Gath is essentially a great unclean one with everything ability wise included, Tugurius is the comparable top end smurf psyker.

So let’s go then, Ku’Gath vs Tugurius

 Thanks to dakka dakka and Anung Un Rama where i borrowed this great unclean one from.

Ku’Gath Charge

Kug, as I will call him due to lazyness in typing his name, has the standard chaos daemon flamer type attack that wounds on a 4+ with no armour saves allowed, he will also be using his ap2 poison attack that wounds on a 4+.  So to begin, the breath attack does not wound, the poison attack also rolls a 3 and does not wound.  Into combat they go, Tug going first who begins by successfully casting might to give him s6.  He then rolls 2 hits and 1 wound, which the save for is then failed, putting kug on 5 wounds.  In reply kug attacks 6 times! Getting 4 hits and 2 wounds and for some bizarre reason Chief librarian Tug only has 2 wounds and dies with no inv save being up.

Tugurius Charge

This time Tug gets to use some more powers, he uses null zone, force dome and Might (picked this over vortex as s6 at least gives him a chance to wound and I don’t have a scatter dice available + it wont instakill anyway) all 3 powers go off fine.  Tug goes into combat with 3 attacks, hits twice and wounds twice, both are saved and again on the re-roll, its looking bad for Tug.  In reply kug hits only once however and then rolls a 1 to wound, it goes to another turn.

Turn 2 Tug rolls 2 hits and 1 wound, the save is failed on the second time of asking putting kug on 5 wounds.  In reply kug this time gets 3 hits and 3 wounds, 2 saves are failed and the smurf lord dies (getting eaten alive by lots of little nurglings).

So this one is over, for 100 points more you could expect this to have happened though it was extremely one sided, personally I think great unclean ones rock and Tugurius in all honesty sucks.

Next week we have for you an epic battle, Scarbrand vs Mephiston, bring it on! Cant wait to see that one personally.

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  1. Just for future reference, Ku'Gath has noxious touch, which is a poisoned attack that wounds on 2+. So he gets to reroll wounds on anything toughness 6 or less. Totally irrelevant for this one obviously, but figured I'd mention it for when he gets to the next round.