Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Abbadon vs the Deceiver

Yo Dawg's we heard you like Chaos so we've pimped Today’s match so you can see yesterday’s winner Abbadon yet again! this time vs the Deceiver (so you can deceive while you deceive) anyway enough meme's for today.  Abbadon made easy work of Ragnar but now has a much tougher opponent in the deceiver however he is one character who could possibly kill him.  Abbadon again has pretty good stats but its his daemon weapon that makes him dangerous, on the other side the Deceiver has a very nasty stat line and ignores saves that he will be using to try and pull out a win here.........

Abbadon vs the Deceiver

Abbadon Charge

Bolter is useless so into combat they go, Abbadon’s daemon weapon scores a 5 leading to 7 hits, these turn into 4 wounds with re-rolls, after saves 2 wounds are taken putting the Deceiver on 3 wounds.  In reply he hits twice and wounds twice, taking 2 wounds from Abbadon leaving him on 2 wounds.  End of combat saves are made.

Next round and Abbadon scores a daemon tastic 5 again, this leads to 9 hits! Followed by 8 wounds, only 3 wounds are taken from this with some good save rolling however its enough and the Deceiver’s living avatar dies.

The Deceiver charge

Straight into combat again this time around, Abbadon scoring a 5 yet again on his daemon weapon roll.  This leads to 8 hits and 6 wounds follow, 4 saves are made this time however leaving the Deceiver on 3 wounds.  In reply he scores 5 hits and 5 wounds, Abbadon dies.

Final Round both charge

Abbadon strikes first getting a 6 this time on his daemon weapon, luck is certainly with him lately with no low rolls for a fair while now, he hits 7 times, this turns into 4 wounds, 1 is failed putting the Deceiver on 4 wounds.  In reply we see 4 hits and 3 wounds, leaving Abbadon on 1 wound.  Saves are passed and we go to the next round with the Deceiver fully in charge.

Abbadon rolls a 4 for his extra attacks, this results in 7 hits and 6 wounds, 4 are failed leaving the Deceiver on 1 wound, he hits back but only hits once but with a 1 it does not wound! What are the odds?  They go into the last round with 1 wound each!

Abbadon rolls a 5 and lands 6 hits then 4 wounds, 3 saves are failed and the Deceiver dies.  Once the Deceiver dies however with Abbadon being on 1 wound he does have a chance to make it a tie but the explosion attack does not wound and this is over, the weaker of the Necron nasties fades away though this one was very close, only Abbadon’s Eternal warrior and some blind luck keeping him in it.

Because I know full well this next game is going to be all over in no time, I’m including it now for you lucky people.

Today’s bonus match features Blood Angels reaper of the crazies Astaroth the Grim vs Necron ultra nasty The Nightbringer.

Though we finally do have a character that can hurt the Nightbringer, its only just happening on 6’s so we see a very slim chance of a win here from the BA lord, Astaroth brings to the table a S6 power weapon that forces successful inv saves to be re-rolled.  He also re-rolls hits and wounds the turn he charges but its hard to see it being enough especially with his opponent ignoring all saves of any kind.  The Nightbringer is just simply a monster with crazy stats and a lascannon.

Astaroth Vs Nightbringer

Astaroth Charge

Astaroth has a bolt pistol but it can’t hurt the Nightbringer so they go into combat, Astaroth going first.  On the charge with wings he gets 5 attacks which result in 4 hits.  Unfortunately even with re-rolls this is only 1 wound and that’s saved both times.  Hits back the Nightbringer gets 4 hits and 3 wounds, killing Astaroth dead.

Nightbringer charge

He shoots, hits, wounds but its saved, they go into combat and Astaroth hits twice and wounds once, the save is passed both times.  Nightbringer hits 6 times and wounds 4 times, Astaroth is dead.

So that’s all she wrote, an extremely easy one for the Nightbringer but then with such a massive points difference this is probably to be expected.