Friday, 25 February 2011

The Revenge of Ghazghkull Thraka

He’s big, he’s green and he’s very annoyed.  Seems I may have slightly dicked over our friendly neighbourhood warboss.  In a recent knockout fight I did not give him his waaagh save in the turn he was charged, as such I feel compelled to give him another shot at the cherry.  If he can beat Calgar in a 1v1 over 1 round I will allow him back into the league and play all his matches now for you lucky people.

So here we go, Thraka vs Calgar.

Thraka waaaghs and then shoots his big shoota, hits twice, wounds once but its saved.  Calgar hits twice and wounds once but its also saved.  Onto combat, Ghaz hits 4 times and wounds twice, 1 is saved one isn’t.  Hits back Calgar gets 2 hits, they both wound and are both saved.  Tests are passed, with Calgar losing by 1 and ending the round on 3 wounds.

Next round Ghaz hits twice and wounds twice but both are saved, Calgar hits 3 times and wounds 3 times but all are saved.

Round 3 and now without his 2++, Ghaz hits twice and wounds twice, taking 1 wound from Calgar who hits 3 times and wounds 3 times, taking 1 wound from Ghaz.  Tie combat.

Round 4 and some more bad rolling means 1 hit from Ghaz which wounds but is saved.  Calgar hits 3 times and wounds 3 times, 2 are failed leaving Ghaz on 1 wound and Calgar on 2. 

Round 5 and Ghaz gets 3 hits and 2 wounds but both are saved, Calgar’s 4++ is on fire today.  In reply he hits 4 times and wound 4 times, killing the ork boss and ending the contest.

So unfortunately Ghaz does not get to continue here, he has similar/better stats but the save just wasn’t good enough to only last 2 round with him not getting enough early wounds due to bad hitting.

The rest of the final elite league matches will hit next week, have a good weekend!

But apparently not made for killing smurf lords