Wednesday, 23 February 2011

The Sanguinor vs The Swarmlord + Nightbringer vs Calgar

Day 3 of this week’s final Elite League Character Battle and the first of today’s games is the Nightbringer vs Calgar.  Calgar in general with his power fists can hurt the Nightbringer but lets face it, if he wins this fight with the c’tan busting through his inv save it will be a miracle.  Abbadon managed to bring him down with sheer weight of attacks but with only 4 as standard I fear it’s not enough.

Nightbringer vs Calgar

Shooting Calgar can’t wound so it’s just a lascannon shot from the Nightbringer, it hits and wounds then takes a wound off Calgar.  Onto combat then and Calgar hits 4 times then wounds 3 times, taking 2 wounds off the Nightbringer leaving him on 3.  Hits back we see 2 and then 2 wounds following, putting Calgar on 2 and ending the round.

This time around Calgar hits once and wounds once but its saved.  Nightbringer hits twice and wounds once.  Wounds are 3 – 1 and Nightbringer has this in the bag.

Next round Calgar hits and wounds only once, its saved, Nightbringer hits only once but it wounds and kills Calgar.  So Nightbringer takes his first points in the tournament league so far leaving a sad smurf lord rooted to the bottom of the league.

Our Next match and main event of the day is The Sanguinor vs the Swarmlord.  Eagar to avenge his fallen battle brother who was slaughtered earlier with instant death attack the Sanguinor has a slightly better chance to come out on top with his eternal warrior, re-rolls and not need to pass psychic tests.

The Sanguinor vs The Swarmlord.

Shooting we just get the Swarmlord’s powers, here is where he can make the difference when the big cheat that is paroxysm.  He starts with psy scream but it doesn’t cause the Sanguinor any problems, next power goes off also leaving the Sanguinor on ws1 which could end this for him.

Onto combat then and The Sanguinor rolls 3 hits, followed by 3 wounds, all are surprisingly failed though leaving the Swarmlord on 2.  Hits back swarmy gets only 2 hits but wounds with both, they are then saved the first time but one fails the second leaving the Sanguinor on 2 wounds also.

Next round Sanguinor hits 3 times and wounds once, its saved though.  Swarmy now looking like he has the upperhand however does not hit and rolls 4 1’s, shocker.  So this round is null and void pretty much.

This time round Sanguinor hits twice and wounds twice, but with more jammy saves swarmy is unhurt.  Hits back he gets 3 hits and 2 wounds but both are saved both times, another round with nothing happening it seems.

Round 4 and hoping for some wound losing action, Sanguinor hits 4 times and wounds 3 times, 2 are failed, killing the Swarmlord but it gets its hits back first so can pull this back.  Swarmy hits 4 times and wounds 4 times but even after re-rolls only 1 wound is taken so the Sanguinor scrapes through with 1 wound remaining, his inv save and a bit of luck the only thing that has won this for him.


  1. You seem to have forgotten Swarmlord's ability to give himself Preferred Enemy? Or maybe not.

    Also wtf at the poor rolls against Sanguinor.

  2. I counted the re-rolls, he was just unlucky on the day, as per your second comment, wtf indeed, he should have won easy.