Monday, 14 February 2011

Abbadon the Despoiler vs Ragnar Blackmane

Today is the last of the elite first round matches and we have Chaos badass Abbadon the Despoiler vs Space Wolves lord Ragnar Blackmane and his 2 wolf buddies.

Ragnar’s rules essentially give him your standard space wolves lord, mostly comparable with any marine boss.  In addition being a character he has some special rules and wargear that give him D3 attacks on the charge instead of 1, counter attack, furious charge, 4++ and a frost blade.  In addition as stated before im giving him his bodyguard of 2 wolves, whether these actually work as a bodyguard so that they have to die before he takes wounds, I don’t know to be honest but im going to play them that way until someone points out where it says otherwise.

Abbadon is the first character I ever bought, I love his fluff, his model and his rules, he’s a monster that though probably isn’t as good these days as he was when chaos was released rest assured he is still incredibly powerful.  Abbadon has less special rules but what he does has that makes the difference is Drach’nyen his daemon sword, this weapon means he strikes at s8 with an additional D6 attacks and also re-rolls wounds.  He has EW and a 4++.   For some crazy reason even though he has the blessing of all the gods he doesn’t have furious charge, psychic powers or feel no pain, which is a bit stupid to say the least.

Abbadon vs Ragnar

Ragnar Blackmane one of the worst models I have ever seen in contrast to Abbadon which though old also, looks great.

Abbadon Charge

Abbadon’s shooting consists of a twin linked bolter, he hits twice but does not wound.  Into combat then and his daemon weapon rolls a 6, this results in a total of 6 attacks which turn into 6 wounds after re-rolls.  Two go on the wolves leaving 4 on Ragnar however only 1 is saved and Ragnar is dead.

Ragnar Charge

Ragnar has a bolt pistol so starts with that, getting a hit but no wounds, into combat then and due to furious charge they hit at the same time, Ragnar first then and he rolls a 6 for his extra attacks, this means he then hits 6 times, this turns into 4 wounds, Abbadon fails all 4 saves with some very bad luck and dies, he gets his hits in first however so could pull a tie.  Abbadon rolls a 5 for his daemon weapon and then gets 8 hits, then 7 wounds, 2 wolves die and Ragnar follows. 

In a normal game obviously this would be a case of both characters lying dead and the kill points shared however in the event of a tie in my tournament both characters resurrect instantly with 1 wound and then carry on as normal, unfortunately for Ragnar this likely means guaranteed death, not that he would really stand much of a hope in the both charge phase.  Abbadon rolls a 6 again this time for his daemon weapon, to hit the point home, with 9 hits caused and 9 wounds from this some extreme dice throwing means Ragnar is indeed completely splattered into oblivion.

The lord of chaos goes through to the next round where he will face the deceiver which should be an interesting one!

What this now gives us is a next round matchup list as follows before the final 5 go into a league to all play each other - 

Astaroth vs Nightbringer
Abbadon vs Deciever
Marneus vs Thraka
Sanguinor vs Ku'Gath
Swarmlord vs Mephiston

Any fight in particular you are looking forward to? any predictions on who will come out on top? as usual if you spotted any mistakes today let me know!