Monday, 21 February 2011

Abbadon vs the Nightbringer + Marneus Calgar vs the Sanguinor

So it’s Monday and half term here in the UK which means GW’s around the country are full of kids (so avoid) and the morning commute to work is fantastic and clear.  The result of this is me in an incredibly good mood right in time for today’s first elite final league matches.

As previously, this event will consist of 1 round where both units charge and everyone plays each other, 3 points for a win and whoever comes out on top at the end will be crowned the champion. 

Today firstly we have for you for the Don of chaos, Abbadon the Despoiler vs The Nightbringer.  Abbadon is fresh from beating his best mate so I’m sure on some level the night bringer will be out for revenge. 

Abbadon vs The Nightbringer

The only shooting here that can be effective is the Nightbringer’s Lascannon type shot, so he uses that first, it hits and wounds but it saved.  Onto combat then with Abbadon going first, he rolls his daemon weapon and scores a 3, he scores 6 hits and 5 wounds after re-rolls which is a decent number, after saves the Nightbringer is left on 1 wound after 4 fails.  In reply he hits 4 times and wounds twice, with no saves against these hits Abbadon ends the round on 2 wounds. 

Next round and Abbadon is going for the C’tan double, daemon weapon in hand he rolls a 2 and strikes with 5 hits, these become 4 wounds with some fine lucky rolls then with snake eyes, Nightbringer leaves the mortal world and Abbadon takes the points.

Today’s Second match features 2 marine’s Calgar and the Sanguinor.  On paper the blood angel nasty should have this in the bag with a both charge scenario but time will tell.  The Sanguinor has better stats all round except for wounds but with re-rolls and +2 attacks for having wings on the charge that’s a meaty 7 attacks with re-rolls on offer going first at s6, combine this with a better inv save the gold nipple monster has the edge.

Marneus Calgar vs The Sanguinor

Bit of shooting from Calgar then and we see 2 hits and 1 wound but its saved.  Into combat then with the Sanguinor hitting 6 times and wounding 6 times, its down to Calgar’s inv save to be a hero.  It is and he only takes 2 wounds.  Hits back then and we see 2 hits from Calgar, followed by 2 wounds but both are saved by the Sanguinor’s super 3++.  Tests are passed and we move onto the next round.

Sanguinor hits 4 times and wounds 4 times however this time the mighty smurf inv save does not hold and 2 wounds are failed.  The Sanguinor takes the points.

So that’s it for today, fairly straightforward fights with no shocks and expected winners well.. won.  More painting work soon as I nearly have enough marine done so good times for that!