Wednesday, 16 February 2011

New Dark Eldar on pre-order

So here they come and they look great, personally even though I dont collect deldar I still think these look excellent yet again however a shame theres no flyers or venom, giant robot scorpion etc, I also think many people were wanting plastic wracks when all they really got were beasts and beastmasters.

So here's whats coming - 
 Quite like these birds, or Razorwing as they are known, nothing special but do the job fine.

 This is a Beastmaster, which is essentially by the looks of it a mutant on a skyboard

 Khymera 1, not got my codex on me however so dont know how many of these most armies would take, hopefully not many with it being metal and not cheap.


Succubus, looks good though really a bit too much like a standard wyche for my tastes you can barely tell the difference.

And finally my favourite the clawed fiend

Full details can be found here - GW Advance orders