Monday, 21 February 2011

Stormraven Case options UK

Bit of a hobby post for ya, like many others I invested in a Stormraven this month.  And like those many others I personally wasn’t keen on the turret/air intake at the top but thought what the hell and went with it anyway.  So here I am with my half painted Stormraven wondering just how I’m going to transport it / keep it nice and safe, after all they certainly aren’t cheap.

If you aren’t aware I live in the UK where really our case options are a little less than in the states, Europe well I have no idea but I would guess they have it even worse? So what are my options, battlefoam? Yes you can get it here, its possible as people like wayland games sell battlefoam in the UK and to be fair it’s a moderately reasonable price considering its imported at £20.  Unfortunately the problem with that is its not made it here yet since its still new.  As such I just want to make any UK people aware of a company I found (and am in no way affiliated with or being paid by) called KR Multicase (custom cases for marines can be found here).

If you are from outside the UK and have no interest in products from the UK, I would recommend heading here for something that might suit your needs! - Battlefoam Storm Raven Cases

KR has followed in the footsteps of battlefoam to provide some nice case options for us here in good old blighty so I decided to share with you my interest in their products here with a review of my most recent purchase the storm raven foam tray.  Most of my armies are in cases by KR, they are decent foam not too hard and not too soft so holds things nicely even when you have spiky bits or overload the case a bit.  This is my 3rd custom case purchase, I also have one for drop pods, one for my land raider and also 2 of the excellent Valkyrie cases.

This particular tray is about the standard size gw tend to be but 110mm deep, I tend to get the trays so that they fit into hardened cardboard trays that KR does which are better than you would expect.  The trays themselves come in 2 different flavors, one that holds 2 storm ravens and one that hold 1 storm raven + a dreadnought and a selection of troops (marine size slots x12) plus of course the stands.

 The grey case is from the battlefoam range and offers a harder type of foam that can keep your models safe better if they are going to be battered around quite alot, unfortunately this also means it doesnt have as much give in it.

Knowing I would never ever get more than 1 storm raven I went for the complete package selection that holds the storm raven and the squad+dread that would likely go in it.  For anyone wondering what the company is like in general they are very fast on posting stuff out, this case took a little longer than normal due to high demand but the guy who owns the company was quick to let me know about the delay.

The storm raven itself fits nice and snugly into the space provided as does my death company dreadnought, the troops also as you can see, fit into their spaces just fine.  So is this load out better than say 2 tanks or a tank and a pod plus another dread you may as wonder as you compare it to the battlefoam case? well I think its better personally, its not just your standard spam as much crap in as you can, its been more thought about, you can tell the designers though, what goes into a storm raven and that’s what they made fill the extra space, its a unit in a box.

 Sporting some very old school metal death company
 Fin sticks up a bit at the back but its still mostly flat against the top level of the tray

So to conclude, if you need a case for your storm raven the KR storm raven case is a fine option, keeps your skimmer safe and holds the dread and dudes too.  Prices you are talking 20 quid for the tray and an extra tenner if you want a card case to hold the foam tray.  Again I have no affiliation with these guys, I just like their work and see far too many people with their stuff in random boxes full of packing foam or jammed into games workshop cases that have had the foam butchered out of them so vehicles fit there, never mind people who leave them at home on a shelf or cupboard .  Do your miniatures a favor, they cost loads and you spend ages painting them, take care of them!