Thursday, 17 February 2011

The Sanguinor Vs Ku'gath

Today’s Fight brings to you Blood Angels tough guy The Sanguinor vs the Lord of putrid’s best buddy, Ku’Gath the Plaguefather.

So a little breakdown on their rules then, Sanguinor has wings, 2+/3++, Eternal Warrior, Fearless, Furious Charge and most importantly, re-rolls hits and wounds against his opponent.  Ku’Gath has a 4++, wounds on a 2+ re-rolling wounds on this fight also should any 1’s appear, various spells including – a flamer attack that wounds on 4+ (and is essentially ap1), an ap2 poison attack that also wounds on a 4+ and very importantly against the Sanguinor, defensive grenades (negates not 1 but 2 attacks in this battle as I give winged characters 2 attacks on the charge).

Sanguinor vs Ku’gath

Sanguinor Charge

With no shooting, Sanguinor goes straight in, he gets 5 hits and 4 wounds, 2 are failed bringing the monster down to 4 wounds.  Kug hits back with 5 attacks but only hits once and the wound it saved by the 3++, a further wound is taken by a failed fearless save but passed by FNP leaving Kug on 4 wounds.

Next round Sanguinor hits 4 times and wounds twice, now needing 5’s its a lot harder for him.  1 is failed, putting kug on 3.  Hits back score only 1 hit, this wounds and takes a wound from the Sanguinor leaving him on 2 wounds.  Sanguinor passes his fearless wound.

Round 3 and the Sanguinor hits 5 times, wounding 3 times, 2 get through taking kug down to 1 wound, hits back he scores 4 hits and 4 wounds, 1 is failed leaving them both on 1 wound.

Round 4 Sanguinor scores 5 hits and 4 wounds with a pile of lucky 6’s, Ku’gath is dead.

Ku’Gath Charge

Ku’Gath has his 2 similar attacks that wound on 4’s, flamer attack misses, poison type one hits but the wound is saved.  Onto combat and the Sanguinor rolls 4 hits and 1 wound, its saved.  Kug hits twice and wounds twice, 1 is failed taking Sanguinor to 2 wounds.  Fearless wound is saved.

Round 2, Sanguinor hits 5 times and wounds 5 times with another bucket load of 6’s, taking 3 wounds off kug after saves and leaving him on 3 wounds.  Kug hits back hitting 3 times and wounding 3 times, 1 is failed leaving the Sanguinor on 1 wound.

Round 3 Sanguinor hits 5 times and again with another buck load of 5’s and 6’s wounds 4 times, its not quite enough though and only 2 are failed, leaving Kug on 1 wound but still to attack.  He hits twice, wounds twice but both are saved by the 3++.  Both fearless wounds are saved.

Round 4 Sanguinor now with the upper hand of going first rolls 4 hits but only gets 1 wound, its just enough however with Kug rolling a 3 and dying.

Sanguinor goes through to the next round group stage.