Friday, 18 February 2011

The Swarmlord vs Mephiston

Onto the final Battle before the group stage and it's a big one, Tyranid uber monster the Swarmlord vs Blood Angels Librarian Mephiston.  This fight in my opinion is essentially a race against time for Mephiston to beat the Swarmlord down with his force weapon before he gets a large portion of instant death himself.  So this really comes down to psychic tests and the incredibly overpowered and cheesy shadow in the warp.

Swarmlord vs Mephiston

Swarmlord Charge

Swarmy casts psychic scream and paroxysm, the scream test is passed but its blocked by Meph's hood, paroxysm is also blocked by another lucky hood roll so it's down to combat.  Mephiston attempts to cast his s10 and re-rolls power, they both fail due to shadow in the warp, as such its looking bleak, Mephiston will need to force weapon swarmy to even stand a hope.  He hits 4 times and wounds once, taking a wound off swarmy after a failed inv save.  He now needs to beat his run of bad luck on psychic tests and pass one, 3 dice are rolled and its a 12 so not good enough.  Swarmy hits back getting 3 hits and 2 wounds, Meph dies, first round to The Swarmlord.

Mephiston Charge

He starts by casting wings and it passes giving meph +2 on his charge roll, (I give 2 attacks on the charge for units with wings in this tournament) Shooting he hits and wounds but its saved.  Into combat then and meph casts re-rolling but it fails, at this point im not going to go for s10 power as he will need to try for the force weapon again.  3 Hits this time and 1 wound but again swarmy fails the save, he takes his psychic test.... its a fail and goes not go through.  Swarmy hits twice but only wounds once however its enough and mephiston is dead.

The Swarmlord goes through to the group stage where he will face The Sanguinor, Calgar, the Nightbringer and Abbadon.  Three of these are eternal warrior and the nightbringer is an absolute monster so should provide a fair challenge to the swarmlord.  5 Challengers, who will come out on top.....

Also finally would like to point out GW's news today if no-one has seen it - NEWS
Clearly someone there like likes my blogs idea! lol though probably just something they came up with themselves as lets face it, its not hard to come up with its still interesting to see someone else do it.  Personally though i think mine was better :)

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