Tuesday, 8 February 2011

The Swarmlord vs Ahriman


Today’s Battle is between the Nid Swarmlord and Chaos wizard Ahriman.  Now I know from reading various forums online that many don’t consider the Swarmlord a special character, I personally consider it a named hive tyrant so as such I am including it in this series.

Not knowing these characters very well I did some further digging this time so avoid mistakes made previously.  Starting with the Swarmlord, He has 4 boneswords that cause instant death now correct me if I’m wrong but it appears nid boneswords don’t work anything like the ID caused by a force weapon, instead they force the opposing player to take a ld test, in this case on 3d6. 

A Swarmlord can cast 2 psychic powers a turn from the horror (NA for this tournament), leech (d3 s3 ap2 hits, leeching wounds that come off), paroxysm (reduce ws/bs to 1) and psychic scream (ld test or take wounds equal to amount you fail by no av sv allowed).  It has a 4+inv save.

So all in all it’s a pretty nasty monster, Ahriman on the other hand doesn’t seem anywhere near as good, he can use multiple shooting powers a turn, so im guessing can also fire his ap3 pistol as well as cast shooting powers least it would make sense and with how hard this fight is going to be for him, I think its safe to allow it.  Ahriman has doombolt (s4 ap3 assault 3), warptime (re-roll hits and wounds in combat), wind of chaos(wound on a 4+), gift of chaos (turn swarmlord into a spawn on a 6) and bolt of change (essentially a meltagun)

Problem here is that tests need to be taken on 3d6 due to shadow in the warp.  Chaos for some crazy reason even though they are meant to have the best psykers in the game, don’t even have any sort of psy protection (new Chaos codex please GW).

The Swarmlord vs Ahriman

 Thanks to http://legiominimus.blogspot.com/ where i stole this exceptional swarmlord picture from.

On the Swarmlord charge he beings by casting paroxysm then leech and finally scream.  The scream fails but the rest pass, leech causing 1 wound to Ahriman leaving him on 2 wounds.  Swarmlord goes into combat with 5 attacks, he hits with 5 and wounds with 4, killing Ahriman without answer after failing his saves.

Ahriman Charge and he starts by casting bolt but it fails, knowing my only hope is a force weapon/warptime I’ll try that for him so he shoots his gun, it hits, wounds but is inv saved.  Warptime is passed and they go into combat with the Swarmlord first, he hits 4 times and wounds 4 times, Ahriman makes 3 saves unfortunately also fails his ld test and is instagib’d.

So this one is over and unsurprisingly Swarmlord takes it without even a challenge from Ahriman.  Do we have something here that can beat the ctan? We shall soon see though it has to get past Mephiston in the next round first.


  1. Ahriman should cast gift of chaos 3 times.

    Are you a spawn yet?
    Are you a spawn yet?
    Are you a spawn yet?

    Also the Swarmlord can only cast 2 powers and they should be paroxysm and leech, then give himself preferred enemy.

  2. The Swarmlord has Bonesabers, not Boneswords, and causes Instant Death with every successful wound, regardless of toughness. No characteristic test is involved. (Pairs of Boneswords, as found on Warriors, do indeed force a Ld test in the way you describe.)

    Swarmlord vs Mephiston is a roughly even fight, usually going to whoever has the charge, but anytime Swarmlord lives through Mephy's attacks, he straight-up wins. It's also worth pointing out that 99% of the time, Swarmy will have Tyrant Guard to soak up wounds for him.

  3. Cheers for the advice mathhammer sounds like a decent idea now you come to mention it.

    Abusepuppy, thanks for letting me know i will bear his sabres in mind for the next round, didnt realise that they were different from normal ones. Though in most games he would have guard due to his points level in my little tournament I have decided not to allow him any.

  4. Swarmlord wins...every time. As abuse said the only SC out there that gives him a run for his money is Meph...all others perish to the might of his bonesabres.

    PS. He can only cast 2 powers per turn...you have him casting 3

    PPS. Nice Swarmlord :P

    1. Swarmlord is also a montrous creature making his attacks power attacks, no save other than invun, plus all invun saves are to be re-rolled if they pass. Take in mind, that his 4+ invun is close combat only, so he doesn't get it when shot at. He is horrible in c/c but vunverable from fire power, thus Tyrant Guard are a must. Mephiston is just broken, with I7 he goes first every time and has a force weapon which is insta kill too but if paroxism works the Swarmlord has a chance, so yeah I'd say its an even match.
      Leech essence is only useful if you've taken wounds and the Hive Tyrant/Swarmlord absorbs those wound caused to regenerate itself, which is pretty cool, not that this matters against Mephiston

  5. Tyrant guard with lash whips. GG set value modifier. Swarm lord Always goes first unless you challenge. But what IC other than the brotherhood champion would be foolish enough to attempt that